Deborah O'Grady - Photography and Art
Deborah O'Grady
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Deborah O'Grady

Berkeley, CA

The photography of Deborah O'Grady explores landscapes and the varying degrees in which the history of a particular place is in evidence, often employing text or text/sound installations to enrich the context of the image.

Photo montages couple original photographs with snapshots found in flea markets and garage sales and internet photographs such as those from the Hubble Space Telescope, to extend the reach of a single photographic image beyond the frozen moment it is usually taken to be.

Deborah is the artistic director at Berkeley-based Meyer Sound, an audio engineering firm that produces ingenious art pieces (Libra acoustic image panels) that double as acoustic sound boards, Under her direction, these panels create a balance in public spaces between a lively “buzz” and sufficient intimacy.

The visually striking Libra panels dampen difficult reverberant spaces using tailored combinations of fabric types, frame depth, and underlying acoustical absorption.