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Cynthia Lahti Fine Art

Portland, OR

"Expressive sculptures and flatworks that spark the imagination"
Cynthia Lahti is a visual artist who enjoys creating artworks that engage the viewers intellect and imagination. Inspired by objects and images, both historical and contemporary, her creations reflect her belief that even the smallest artifact can evoke the most powerful feelings. Her art studio practice encompasses flat works (drawing, painting, collage, mixed media) and sculptural pieces (ceramic, glass, bronze and fabric). She often combines processes and materials to create mixed media artworks, enjoying the mystery and subtle beauty that emerges when materials and images are combined together in unexpected ways. When creating artworks for a specific site, her goal is that it be dynamic and rewarding, smoothly integrating with its architectural surroundings and welcomes an intimacy between the viewer and the artwork.

Cynthia grew up in Portland, Oregon, leaving to earn her bachelor's degree at the Rhode Island School of Design. After graduating in 1985 she returned to Oregon where she continues to live and make art, finding inspiration in both its physical and psychological landscape and the way it encourages her fearless studio practice. In 2013 she was awarded the Hallie Ford Fellowship for artists and received an Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Individual Support Grant in 2017.
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