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Conceptual Metalworks
Conceptual Metalworks

Conceptual Metalworks

San Francisco, CA

Conceptual Metalworks is a custom fabrication studio owned by Dan Greenberg that produces finely crafted architectural metalworking using non-ferric metals such as bronze, copper, stainless steel, and aluminum. The clients, who include architects, designers, and contractors, enjoy a full range of services.

The San Francisco-based firm provides recommendations on material choices, fabrication options and the finish selections that complement and enhance each clients’ designs. Marrying great design with expert metalworking, the company focuses on collaboration and creative problem-solving from design conception and development through project execution and completion.

Conceptual Metalworks products range in scope from smaller items like ornamental hardware, fireplace surrounds, and furniture to larger projects such as staircases, railings, gates, doors and landscape features.
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