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Charles Ginnever - Sculptures and Art
Charles Ginnever
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Charles Ginnever

San Francisco, CA

“With his optically complex, large-scale outdoor sculptures, Charles Ginnever has been challenging perspective and altering landscapes across America and Australia over the course of his long, critically acclaimed career. In his open-form abstract works, made of steel and holding in precise balance bold, angular lines and broad, flat planes, Ginnever presents a multitude of shifting shapes and patterns. His references range from mythology and classical literature to art history, archeology, and nature. In Python (1974-1980), for example, he modeled the afternoon shadows thrown by the structures at Stonehenge out of planes of steel, creating an undulating, jagged form that also resembles the torqued body of its titular creature.
American, b. 1931, San Mateo, California”