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Cedric Wentworth - Public Sculptures and Sculptures
Cedric Wentworth
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Cedric Wentworth

San Francisco, CA

“Cedric Wentworth was born in 1966 in San Francisco. At 15 he apprenticed with granite-carver and bronze-sculptor Richard O'Hanlon and at 16 won Best in Show for figurative bronze casting at the Mill Valley Arts Fair. He continued studies in marble carving at Cacciatori Studies in Italy, which specialized in figurative stone carving. He later became assistant studio master at the Paolicci Studios in Rome.

Wentworth left Italy in 1988 to live and work in New York City. He returned to the Bay area in 1991. Since then he has received public commissions in the US and Japan and his work is featured in museums collections. "Jacob's Ladder", 26 feet tall and 7 tons of steel and bronze, is permanently installed at the Crocker Museum and "Cubic Composition" was purchased in 2004 and installed in the sculpture garden of the Oakland Museum.”