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Cathy Boyd

Midland, Canada

"“Art Worth Looking At”"
Born in 1951 Cathy didn't discover any sort of artistic ability until her mid-twenties when she applied for a teaching position in Orillia in the public school system. Her love of languages had led her into teaching French up until that time when a regular classroom position presented itself. She was informed she could have the job if she would be willing to teach art on the rotary to the senior grades. Not having any experience in that subject, the school board offered to send her to Toronto that summer and enrolled her in some art classes at the Toronto School of Art, and that is where she found she had both an interest in and an aptitude for drawing and painting.
From hobbyists to professional artists was always Cathy's goal. But a full-time career in teaching and then the real estate was needed to get her to the point where she could finally "quit her day job" and devote every day to painting. Along the way, Cathy sought out instruction with some highly accomplished painters, but primarily she is self-taught.
A very prolific painter, Cathy completes approximately 100 paintings per year. A blank canvas is never a stumbling block. Her style ranges from representational precision to painterly abstraction. Her studio and gallery are located in Midland, Ontario. Living on the shores of Georgian Bay has influenced her subject matter: big skies, cool waters, pink rocks, and craggy trees. Cathy uses photo references to serve as her inspiration for her diverse subject matter and style.
Each painting is begun differently, and it is this practice that contributes to the diverse style.
Cathy says of her work, "I paint because I am compelled to illustrate with sensitivity all things that bring us joy. In our haste, we often overlook these little worlds around us. By reducing the world, I actually expand it."
Cathy has been represented by fine art galleries in NYC, Southern Ontario, The Muskokas, and Georgian Bay. Her work has found its way to B.C., the USA, Japan, The Caribbean, Britain, and into many private collections.
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