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Waterloo, Belgium

"Ceramic Interior Jeweller"
Casalto was created in 2017 in Brussels by architect Eric Willemart. The project was born from a childhood dream and combining by the love of beautiful materials with stacking games.

Distributed across into five collections, Casalto offers exclusive tables, lighting and accessories in earthenware, hand-blown glass, marble and precious metal.

Each collection will transport you into a world where imagination meets travel. Casalto will take you to Vienna, Havana, Saint-Malo, Paris or Soho. Our collections have been inspired by the atmospheres and spirit of these cities.

Vendome will take you into the world of “haute-couture” and more particularly to the world of Coco Chanel. Pure black and white is the order of the day.

Vienna takes you to the art deco of Otto Wagner through the Viennese secession. Perfect geometry, stripes meet jugenstil artists.

WithHavana, you will plunge into the intimate world of lounge bars. A warm and sweet atmosphere where you can enjoy a Caribbean rum. Thick black stripes and copper decorate the entire collection.

With Saint-Malo, you will feel the ocean spray. Dressed in white and sailor's clothing, the collection finds its inspiration in the world of the sea. The silver pieces evoke the purity of the open sea and distant horizons.

Soho is a resolutely masculine collection. It is entirely black, sometimes enhanced with copper. Its shapes are frank and straight. Inspired by the world of industry and New York lofts, it will also take you back in time.

5 collections for resolutely different atmospheres. Welcome to the world of Casalto.
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