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Caroline Kaufman - Paintings and Rugs
Caroline Kaufman
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Caroline Kaufman

Brooklyn, NY

Caroline Kaufman is a New York City-based textile designer and fine artist. She is known for her experimental textiles, hand-painted prints, and playful point of view. Caroline carries a deep respect for storytelling and handcrafter art. Her work finds a home in the space where art, craft, and design collide - - the magic intersection of beauty and function.

Her process-based practice with fiber explores the interaction between color, texture, and pattern. This process considers the unconscious ways we create, investigating how childlike unadulterated ideas develop outside of aesthetic influence. Through her craft, she examines nostalgia, childhood methods of creating, and the way in which memory shape-shifts over time. Caroline uses her synesthetic relationship with color to translate daydreams into color patterns within her work.

Caroline holds a BFA in Fashion Design, from Pratt Institute. She is a recipient of the Windgate Fellowship from the Center for Craft. Creativity, and Design. She has been invited to participate in Varda Artist Residency in Northern California. Her works have been featured nationally and globally in the New York Times, New York Magazine, and Frankie Magazine, to name a few.

Caroline lives in Brooklyn, New York, in a plant-filled apartment she fondly calls 'The Park Slope Treehouse.'