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Carol Paquet

San Luis Obispo, CA

"I am interested in the convergence of reality and abstraction, where the literal and prosaic gives way to forms that take on another identity. I have been mining the textural incongruence between discarded materials found in the landscape and the point where one loses sight of the larger context and the detail becomes the big picture. By re-contextualizing the image we are forced to look at it differently. First and foremost a painter, photography was a natural progression. I turned my Canon 5D Mark 11 towards the discarded and forgotten, focusing on the uneasy relationship between the natural world and industry. I zoom in on the detail and minutiae and deliver it in a panoramic format, further unhinging it from it’s contextual moorings. The resulting images appear to shed their humble origins and instead reveal an otherworldly or celestial quality, oftentimes anthropomorphic or entomological in character. By elevating the banal to the mystical, I tease out the visual irony inherent in the situation. The work is printed in archival pigment ink in limited editions."
Wescover creator since 2019

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