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Brent Townshend - Art
Brent Townshend
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Brent Townshend

Toronto, Canada

Brent Townshend is an artist and inventor from Toronto, Canada. He has a diverse background combining Engineering, Computer Science, Art & Photography, and Biology. Brent received his Doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, while studying photography as a side pursuit. After doing research at AT&T Bell Laboratories, he started a sequence of high-tech companies focussed on signal processing — how to manipulate and process digital data to extract information or improve its visualization. Meanwhile, he continued his photographic explorations. He studied darkroom techniques under Georges Fèvre, who was the personal printer for Cartier-Bresson and printed for Koudelka, Doisneau, and Lartigue. With John Schults of Reuters he learned the realities of photojournalism. He worked on fashion photography with Atelier Chardon Savard in Paris and explored commercial and studio photography with Hélène Vedrenne at the Paris Photographic Institute. Brent has also taught in Engineering and in Computer Science as an Adjunct Professor at McGill University and at Stanford University. He currently holds a post as Visiting Researcher in the Bioengineering department at Stanford where he is doing research in Synthetic Biology.

Ultimately, it came time to combine his technical background with his art. As an inventor with over 40 patents, his combination of science and an artistic purpose was a natural progression. In 2005, he began working on an ultra-wide angle, high dynamic range digital photography. Using sets of high-resolution digital photos to cover a scene both in viewpoint and light intensity, he developed novel processes and software for capturing and displaying images. With representation by Modernbook Gallery in San Francisco, he has exhibited his work in New York, Chicago, Miami, Toronto, and Basel. Since 2012, he expanded his repertoire into interactive installations featuring computer vision for motion tracking, laser displays and generative sound and video. Pulsefield ( has been shown in various incarnations at Burningman 2013,2014, and 2016. Co-related Space uses some of the Pulsefield technology to create a playful engagement of light and sound (

Brent now divides his time between Menlo Park, CA and Montréal, Quebec.