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Brendan Ravenhill

Los Angeles, CA

Between his childhood years in Cote d’Ivoire and summers spent in coastal Maine, Brendan Ravenhill fell in love with the functional beauty of working tools and wooden boats. His father, who curated a show called the “Art of the Personal Object” at the Smithsonian when he was a child, was a big inspiration in his career choice. Brendan received a BA in sculpture from Oberlin College in 2001 and a Masters in Industrial Design from RISD in 2009. He loves taking tours of factories and the smell of cedar shavings.

Now based in Los Angeles, Ravenhill creates furnishings, lamps and accessories that are surprisingly elegant given that they are mostly the product of manufacturing processes.

Ravenhill describes himself as someone who “chases simplicity” in his designs. He is known for his industrial-looking chairs and bar stools, as well as pliable pendant lamps made of cloth-covered electrical cord, thin sheets of polyethylene and bare light bulbs.
Wescover creator since 2018

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