Ayus Design

London, United Kingdom

Ayus design is founded by Twin brothers Roshun and Dee who have backgrounds in Architecture and Product Design. what started as a hobby developed into our passion which inspired us to create designs which have had a positive response in the market. This has helped us to grow and carry on our ethos of providing sustainable eco-friendly products that have a global reach of clients from around Europe, Australia and America.

We would like to create designs that are memorable conversational pieces made out of eco-friendly materials. At the moment quite a lot of harmful plastics are still being used in the design industry today. Our aim is to change that by spreading awareness of what bio plastics are and what you can create with them. Currently, Pendant lights are one of many products we make out of PLA which is a bio plastic made from sugar cane, Corn starch, Cassava. One of the reasons is because of the way we can transform a space by playing with light and how it is captured. We are pushing the boundaries of 3D printing and modern/conventional processes, translating our ideas into tangible and feasible solutions and creating consciousness around environmental waste and a huge emphasis on eco-friendly design.
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