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Anton Hasell

Mia Mia, Australia

Anton Hasell is a sculptor living in Central Victoria exploring the use of both traditional and digital tools in the design of bells, interactive public-space installation, sculpture and printmaking. He is best known for the creation of the Federation Bells Carillon in Melbourne and for other public-space artworks in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Anton has recently completed the design, casting and tuning of ten 'difference-tone' bells for the Longnow 10,000 year Clock project in Texas USA.

Through his practice, Anton seeks insights into the mysterious and subliminal truths of the Australian landscape whose rhythms operate as a resonant and binding experience linking each of us to our country and to one another.

He creates new forms that seek to tune into the resonant frequencies of the Australian landscape and to manifest its ambient sonorities. Inventing new forms, new sounds and joyful public sites to encourage communal playfulness and shared creativity has resulted in a body of work promising, in each next iteration, to be the clearest and most succinct yet. Anton lives and works in Mia Mia with his partner Georgina in a bluestone house they built themselves.
Wescover creator since 2019

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