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"Hand-formed Porcelain Wall and Tabletop Sculptures"
It was just 10 years ago that interior design and architecture writer and author, Anna Kasabian introduced her handmade porcelain tabletop and wall sculptures.
A direct extension of her writing about homes that are beautiful, comfortable and authentic, her one-of-a-kind creations bring distinctive art forms to the home and public spaces.

Each piece is formed in her hand without a wheel and is hand- glazed. Her signature shapes recall the characteristics of flower petals and blooms and ocean waves. Each is hand-glazed in snow white, high gloss glaze.

What is your favorite material to work with?

"I remember walking down Charles Street in Boston and looking in the window of E R Butler & Co. and seeing tiny porcelain sculptures, maybe one inch high. That stuck with me; I wanted more than anything to create porcelain walls as thin as a butterfly wing. From the moment I made my first porcelain object I knew I found my life in ceramics."
Anna Kasabian PorcelainAnna Kasabian Porcelain

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