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Ana Kuni

Ana Kuni

Cape Town, South Africa

ANA KUNI is Ukrainian-born visual artist currently working in Cape Town where her gallery and studio is situated.
She is known for creating murals with an underlying message of spiritual growth and awakening. Her work varies from walls to canvases, metal panels to denim collection, keeping a theme strong. Main character of her work is Warrior Woman, whom Ana describes as a modern being - Conscious, Compassionate, Creative human living in harmony with Nature. Ana describes her creative process as Transformational experience ,focusing on a human face, yet creating complex layers and structures she suggests that we are multi dimensional beings, longing to discover and feel more yet acknowledging our forms and thought patterns , that keep us within the structure
Using art to explore her creativity and social media to connect with like-minded people, Ana’s work caught attention of major publications such as Elle SA, Marie Claire SA,Home Journal Hong Kong,Business Day SA,GQ UK and tv programs , Top Billing and Bokeh TV .
Ana’s biggest passion is discovery and reaching of the highest human potential and she constantly draws this message into her art, and creative way of being into her life.

How do your pieces come to life? Tell us one interesting thing about your creative process?

"There is no or very little plan when I make murals. It's a very personal process, almost like a prayer. Things just happen if I allow them and less control means more magic. I only take commissions from people who get this kind of approach and let the mural to be born on its own. I love creating lots of different layers, it gives my murals multi-dimensional effect and there are always tons of hidden messages that clients find over time"
Ana KuniAna Kuni

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