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Alex Pentek

County Cork, Ireland

"I enjoy making site specific work to playfully explore the interconnectedness of all things."
Alex Pentek is an Irish artist who has a growing portfolio of national and international work that explores different site specific ideas in a broad range of materials. As well creating large scale site specific work, his gallery based practice explores temporary mediums such as folded paper and sound performance which he has exhibited across Ireland, UK and Australia.

With over 20 large scale permanent works completed in Ireland, UK, Australia and Canada, long time interests in science, origami and music inform Pentek’s work on both practical and philosophical levels.

How do your pieces come to life? Tell us one interesting thing about your creative process?

"Sometimes I work with permeable open forms that create an interference pattern with itself and the background. The moire effect is said to be a virtual image in the eye of the beholder, similar to how we uniquely see the colours of a rainbow. With all my work, the images are suggested where possible to give an impression of the idea. As it is seen and completed in the mind's eye of the viewer, this helps to create an emotional investment in the work. It is my aim for each work to have a life of its own as it is re interpreted and given new meaning by viewers of all ages and back grounds."
Alex Pentek

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