Addie Peet Design

Winterport, ME

"Functional - Practical - Durable // Floor covering for everyday life"
With a love for traditional methods, utilitarian form, and contemporary style, Addie’s floorcloth studio focuses on bringing back lost concepts from the past. With the intention of using intuitive practices of the past in combination with modern materials and aesthetics, creating functional, durable and practical pieces to enhance a more holistic and simplistic lifestyle.
Adamant about structural integrity, after years of trial fabrication and material tests Addie has found the most appropriate combinations of natural heavy weight canvas and marine grade acrylics to create a rug which is easy to clean, stain resistant and hypoallergenic. These benefits accommodate a lifestyle where work boots are rarely taken off at the front door and muddy paw prints are common in all four seasons.

Longing to combined such a structurally solid form with a level of unique visual interest, Addie introduces a collection of hand painted contemporary designs incorporating various techniques resulting in truly functional, practical and durable floor coverings.

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