Creator Spotlight: Dorian Etienne Design Studio

Dorian Etienne

Dorian Etienne isn’t afraid to experiment with materials and design. Based in Paris, Dorian finds that his imagination is most informed by cultural anthropology and the natural world. His work is organic and inventive — from bamboo lanterns to origamic shoulder bags, he has an aptitude for creating a product from raw material that honors its original form. In his studio, he lets miscellaneous objects illuminate new ideas and allows the medium to be the message.…

Creator Spotlight: Love & Fiber

Macrame artist portrait

Meet Ash Wang, the San Diego-based creative force behind Love & Fiber. Ash, who is self-taught, wanted to find a way to unite her work as a home decorator with her love for fiber arts. When she began making custom hand-dyed macrame wall hangings for her clients, she found that her Contemporary Boho designs were a great success. She now focuses primarily on working with fiber, exploring different dyes, and feeding her true passion.…

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