36 Unique Gifts for Design and Art Lovers

By: Wescover

gifts for holidays

We noticed that people with an eye for design are excited to bring home a few types of elements in 2020! Shopping for an art/design lover is easy if you know what types of objects to look for. These are popping up over and over again as coveted art/design objects for 2020. Start with these categories to get a sense of what kind of gift to give. Then, instead of searching for mass-produced products, browse our cool artist and find a style you love. Most of them have ready-to-ship pieces but, if you’re worried it’s too late for a custom commission— think again. Reveal the unique gift with a card and connect them to the artist!

Below are some of the most popular art/design objects for 2020 and Creators we love whose work takes gift-giving to the next level.

1. Unique Wallhangings & Textural Art

A wallhanging is a go-to gift this season for anyone who loves art and design. We love these pieces because they add a creative element of texture to any room and, whether you’re looking for a minimalist or eclectic traveler, there’s a piece for any interior style. The key to picking the right wallhanging is choosing a style you like and then discovering more by the same artist!

“Green” Wall Hangings by Cindy Hsu Zell >


“Black & White Starburst” Wall Hangings by Nicole Sweeney >


Image by Mary Lawless Lee “Hendrix” Wall Hangings by Lauren Williams >


“Pacifica” Wall Hangings by Wanderluxe >


Surf Panel Art Wall Hangings by Pierce Meehan Design
Surf Panel Art by Pierce Meehan Design >

Browse More Wallhangings >

2. Uncommon Prints

Gifting art gets easier when you don’t have to worry about where exactly it’ll go. Prints are wonderful gifts because they are so accessible and vary in size. You can order an original painting by many of these artists or find the perfect print to fit your friend’s home.

Pink and Sage print art Wall Hangings by Upton
Upton makes prints and wallhanging art! “PROTEA” Sage print by Upton >


Tree Ring Prints Wall Hangings by Erik Linton. The tree ring prints by Erik Linton looks stunning for this cozy living room designed by Nest Out West in Denver.
Erik makes original prints from tree rings! Tree Ring Prints Wall Hangings by Erik Linton >


Stella’s moonscape watercolors are available as Prints! “All The Moons Of Our Solar System” by Stella Maria Baer >


"3sixteen" Paintings by Laura Berger
Laura Berger’s Paintings are available as Prints & Calendars! Paintings by Laura Berger >


art print in kitchen of warm colored photograph of orange VW bug and palm tree
“Jasper” Photography Print by The Arielle Vey Print Shop >

See More Art & Decor >

3. Vessels and Vases

Whether it’s holding a plant, bouquet, or pens, vessels don’t have to be purely functional. When made by an artist or designer these functional decor pieces bring sculptural forms into a space. Check out our favorite pieces that add texture, color and dynamic shape to anything they hold.

Large Azteca Planter by Mr. Pinchy & Co. >


Spun Planters by YIELD >


“Donut Vase” by Cloud 9 Clay >


“3 Legged Boob Planter” by Amanda Cimino >


gifts for holidays
Lines and Candles Candelabra by GOFI >


gifts for holidays
Wine Picnic Tote by Aplat >


gifts for holidays
Terracotta Vase by Eny Lee Parker >


gifts for holidays
Ceramic Vase by Mt Washington Pottery >

 More Types of Vases & Vessels >

4. Home Goods

If you’re looking for an artistic and useful present, explore home goods. When looking a home goods gift, let what you’ve noticed in their space be your guide. Consider where they spend the most time and at-home hobbies.

gifts for holidays
Pasta Rolling Boards and Platters by Galpon > 


gifts for holidays
Female Support System by Kaye Blegvad >


POSTA Wall Storage pouch by Uniqka >


cute charging cable and rubber mat
Charging cable and Rubber Mat by Most Modest >


White and black geometric quilt
Linens & Bedding (for home or the road) by Vacilando Quilting Co. >


black and white triangle hemp rug handwoven
Hemp Rug by TANU handwoven textiles >


gifts for holidays
Heron Pillow by Sunday / Monday >


gifts for the holidays
Drop Salad Washer by Viviana Degrandi >

5. Furniture

Furniture can be the ideal gift that gets used daily. Finding the right furniture depends on what they know they need —or an element they didn’t realize they’re missing for entertaining. Find something they’d use that’s in the same color palette or material as their home. It’s the perfect gift for couples too!

white and wood modern stool
Sweet Stool Chairs by Bend Goods >



gifts for holidays
U Bench by Cuff Studio >


moon shaped connecting coffee tables marble and maple
Gibbous Coffee Table by Robert Sukrachand >


mod bean shaped orange heated patio furniture for outdoors
Santa, please bring us this beautiful heated bench! Helios Metreo heated bench by Galanter & Jones >

 See More Furniture >

6. Apparel & Accessories

Accessories are made for style, expression, and appreciation of artisan craft. These creator-made works are art you can take with you. Your stylish friend may be coveting the looks below!

ochre yellow mustard pants with organic black shapes
“Symbol Minded” pants by ALEX STEELE >


gifts for holidays
Drop Earrings by Suna Bonometti >
gifts for holidays
Kobra Kimono Denim Jacket by Alex Steele >


gifts for holidays
Desert Bandana by Elana Gabrielle >


gifts for holidays
Modern Mitre Bowtie by soft-geometry >


gifts for holidays
Linen Shawl by Ábatte >

 See more original Apparel & Accessories >

If you love something you saw on our list, reach out to the Creator! Click the “inquire” button. You can get in touch to buy a piece, commission one, or just send a compliment (’tis the season!).

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