Darin’s Murals Will Make You Smile

When you spot Darin’s murals, prepare yourself to smile and ride a wave of nostalgia.

Darin's colorful mural he did for Graham Stephan's backyard. This painting is bright and fun with plants like palm trees, cactus, and blue leaves.
Backyard Mural by Darin in Los Angeles.

Drawing inspiration from the golden years (yes, the ’90s), Darin’s murals characteristically feature adaptations of classic cartoon characters along with other characters of his own creation. The bright colors, thick outlines, and playful imagery will surely put a childlike smile on your face.…

Featured Design Scout: Chrissy Koulouris

The more you travel, the greater an appreciation you have for art and design. Chrissy Koulouris is a travel blogger and design enthusiast who loves nothing more than exploring the world and all the beautiful art that it has to offer. We were ecstatic when Chrissy agreed to be design scout for Wescover and add to our map! She has been sharing awesome design finds around Miami and we are excited to feature her aesthetic eye…

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