Chris Silva: Helping Communities Thrive Through Artistic Innovation

Chris Silva is an incredibly articulate and well-spoken individual. When we hear his reflections on his emotional and physical artistic process, we can’t help but feel motivated to create something of our own.

Chris does a lot of collaborative outreach work with urban youth communities. Our favorite is the Triple Heart Bypass mural created by 15 youth interns in Chicago’s neighborhood of Little Village during the summer of 2015. The crisp triangular lines, vibrant gradients, and eclectic patterns capture the livelihood and energy of Chicago’s youth.

“My frequent practice of collaboration seeks to pursue a less self-centric approach to art making – one which embraces the challenge of sacrificing individual control, or credit, for the greater good of the projects, and in the service of a larger community.” — Says Chris on his Mission page.
These are the artists our landscape needs.
His piece above, titled “Back To The Future Primitive,” was a collaborative mural by Chris Silva & Dan Ezra Lang commissioned by Chicago’s 1871 incubator space ar Merchandise Mart. You can see more images and inquire about his work on his Wescover map!
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