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Created and Sold by Detroit Wallpaper

Detroit Wallpaper
Three Heidelberg Project Patterns | Wallpaper by Detroit Wallpaper | The Heidelberg Project in Detroit
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Three Heidelberg Project Patterns - Wallpaper

Featured In The Heidelberg Project, Detroit, MI

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Installation shots of 3 Heidelberg Project patterns by The Detroit Wallpaper Co. at the new offices of The Heidelberg Project in Detroit.

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Detroit Wallpaper
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2019
The Detroit Wallpaper Company is an environmental graphics company that specializes in custom wallpaper. Our unique approach to design and manufacturing have been the driving forces behind our comprehensive offerings of pattern and color. We work with residential and commercial clients to achieve their visions of a unique and customized space full of color and pattern.

We haven’t always been the champions of bespoke we are today. We started off with an idea and the passion to carry us along. Our First business was under the name Great Wall Custom coverings in 2004. This company was more of a boutique printing company that was geared toward the residential client. We mostly produced custom wall murals on wallpaper based on our library of high-quality photographs. In working with clients we started becoming a full-service graphic design company to create original murals using all sorts of artistic influences and motifs. Our clients’ vision became our only goal. This was very successful for us but was limited by the amount of design time we had for each project. We also started getting requests for wallpaper reproductions of patterns that were out of print. We would digitally scan the sample and recreate the pattern to produce new rolls. This service was not available elsewhere at the time and became a valuable resource for our clients and interior designers alike. As time went on we evolved again. Designers wanted to produce wallpaper patterns of their own design and we obliged once more. Private label relationships became a significant portion of our business.

After seeing the success of Private label printing, we started to generate our own line of patterns. Being in Detroit has shaped our design language and patterns in ways that we felt were unique to our part of the country and worth exporting to the rest of the nation and the world. With the addition of our online custom color tool, we started The Detroit Wallpaper Company in 2012 strictly devoted to our patterns and colors and their customization. In a few short years, we have risen in the interior design community to become a very active member of this thriving industry. Our passion has served us well. Even though we are by comparison still a small company compared to the giants in the wallpaper industry we have been able to carve out our place and are here to stay.

We now offer many different types of wallpaper from our standard eco-friendly material to our commercial material options and even a digitally printed metallic grasscloth, pioneering the technique. We look forward to the future to continue to innovate our line of patterns and material types and are currently exploring the new horizons of 3D digitally printing and textiles. Keep an eye on us. The best is yet to come.