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Wall Hangings by Mikodam Design seen at Istanbul Airport - Turkish Airlines Lounges in Istanbul Airport

Turkish Airlines Lounges in Istanbul Airport

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IKOOR by Mikodam collaborated with Softroom for Turkish Airlines Lounges in Istanbul Airport. Mikodam manufactured and installed the Flow Wall, which is over a kilometer-long timber structure, making it one of the longest parametric interior forms in the world. The oak wall flows through six lounges, spread to an area of 19 000 square meters, unifying them.

Softroom’s design is consisting of two main areas: International Lounges and Domestic Lounges.

International Lounges hold the Main Lounges and the Exclusive Lounge. Flow Wall acts as an organizing feature throughout the areas shifting and changing according to various functions.

Turkish Airlines Domestic Lounges which has its own drop-off, check-in, security and departures is a mini terminal on its own taking 3200 square meters. There are business class and loyalty programme departure lounges within this part as well.

Mikodam / IKOOR’s signature can also be seen at the L-Counter which is designed by Dinamika. The counter holds business check-in area on one side and frequent flyer on the other; acrylic and lacquer are used for the counter and the brand walls within the design.

The same technique of manufacturing is used for Haza, a Mikodam Wall Panel, offering the same quality for your interior.

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