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Terra Humida

Bomo pottery


Item details

Bomo pottery is a line of different pot and sculptures with a specific face design. Within Bomo pottery you can find different sizes, facial expressions and the coloration of the actual clay might be different.

Small planter
white clay
3,7 cm diameter
4 cm height

Context & Credits

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Terra Humida

Meet the Creator

A line of thought

Terra Humida is a space where clay is just another medium used to express ideas, feelings or even, sometimes, a story. Each one of us might received it different, this is the power of ceramics.
Though out our sights, we might connect with the same piece in different ways. This piece could transport you on this small town by the sea you have visited when you were a child. But, maybe, for some others it would be just a broken vessel, an unfinished jar or just maybe a meaning less object.
This is what Terra Humida is about, an open space to senses, a space were ceramics might be that missing touch on your living room or maybe just an other page about ceramics. This is for you to find.