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Created and Sold by Mieke Cuppen

Mieke Cuppen

Totem Vases - Vases & Vessels

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Material: Recycled glass
Size L: Ø 18 x 24.9 cm / Ø 7.09 x 9.8 inch
Size M: Ø 8.4 x 20.6 cm / Ø 3.3 x 8.1 inch
Size S: Ø 12 x 15 cm / Ø 4.7 x 5.9 inch

My first collection of vases, perfect to dress your table and style your dining room. These three vases made of recycled glass are a great collaboration with Urban Nature Culture.

Urban Nature Culture says:
"We collaborate with the talented mind of Dutch designer Mieke Cuppen once again. Following our first partnership, on the beautiful Torii object, Mieke now makes her grand return with something completely different. A series of three vases, made of 100% recycled glass, with each vase offering a graphic silhouette, composed of geometric shapes."

Design game
What started as research in combining different shapes and materials within a single silhouette, quickly turned into a challenging game of trying to find the best. The best shape, most outstanding proportions and, highly important, the harmony between them. From that, three different sizes were selected – and a series was born. A true reflection of the design game played, all three find their origin in loose parts, cast in glass and joined forces to create a whole. Three objects which stand out on their own, but combined with flowers – you’ll find that each vase carries the flowers in its own way. And that is thing of beauty.

Vase L = $ 25,-
Vase M = $ 22,-
Vase S = $ 18,-

Mieke Cuppen
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2019
Tableware only really gets its value through its use. My designs are used in restaurants and homes internationally, that's what I love about being a tableware designer.

In my role as a designer, I work with tableware companies and design brands that are on the lookout for innovation and style in their products. My work is like a blank canvas, it interacts with the user and the chef, who is challenged to new forms of presentation and application.
My studio was established in 2009 following completion of my studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven and is located in Delfshaven in Rotterdam.