Vases & Vessels by Kerryn Levy Ceramics seen at Private Residence, Adelaide - Spooning vessels
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Item Spooning vessels
As seen in Private Residence, Adelaide, Australia

Spooning vessels

Vases & Vessels by Kerryn Levy Ceramics, as seen in Private Residence, Adelaide, Australia

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Spooning vessels by ceramic artist Kerryn Levy in this serene home in Adelaide.

Meet the Creator

Kerryn Levy Ceramics

Adelaide, Australia

I make to connect.

My aim as an artist and maker is to bring people together through a shared love of clay, landscape and beautiful objects.

Through the production of beautiful, tactile, everyday objects I am able to form relationships with people, connect people with objects, objects with place, and place with people.

Using traditional ceramic processes of wheel-throwing and hand-building, I create objects that remember my touch and long to be held. These objects have a connection to the human body that formed them, and the landscape whence they came.

I am particularly influenced by the natural environment, the Australian landscape and human interaction with, and within it.

Available for commission/custom work

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