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Created and Sold by AskewPottery - Dina Son

AskewPottery - Dina Son

Handmade stoneware bud vase - Vases & Vessels

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Stylish one of a kind bud vases to add colour and character to your home.

Rustic Green:
1) Larger - 12cmx12cmx3cm (height, depth, neck opening).
2) Smaller - 9cmx10cmx2.5

Matte Blue: 11cmx11cmx2.5cm

Grey Sand: 10.5cmx10cmx2.5cm

Larger Rustic Green and Matte Blue vases are almost of the same size, they are glazed all over, while the Grey Sand vase is glazed only half way diagonally to create some movement and show off beautiful clay body.

The Grey Sand and Smaller Rustic Green are almost of the same size. Grey Sand is a bit thinner and taller, the Green is wider and shorter.

The interior of all three is glazed with transparent glaze.

Size, shape, finish and colour - all is well balanced for these to act as a set.

This gives a lot of possibilities to make different flower arrangements in one or several spots.

Thrown on a pottery wheel with speckled stoneware, trimmed, bisque fired, then glazed by hand with lead free glaze and fired for the second time to 1200C for complete vitrification.

The unglazed surface is sanded to prevent from scratching.

Every single pot in my shop is made solely by me from start to finish and in this way is absolutely unique.

Enjoy your purchase.

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Item Handmade stoneware bud vase
AskewPottery - Dina Son
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2020
Handmade ceramics, full of character and colour


I am Dina and I am delighted to welcome you in my shop.

AskewPottery is all about uniqueness and a blast of colours.

If you are looking for a special handmade gift you are in the right place.

I myself love giving gifts and I enjoy being part of it on behalf of my customers.

I am a solo potter, working in my home studio in the beautiful village called Bussage, Gloucestershire, UK.

I’ve been in pottery since 2016 and it is the most fascinating journey, full of challenges and reward.

I named my studio AskewPottery after the name of the road in London where I took my first ceramic course and fell in love with clay at the first touch.

Whenever I make a new piece I imagine how it will be used, held, and looked at.

It should be functional, durable and a piece of art.

I make in small batches, taking my time and making each piece exclusive.

I hope you will agree there is something special in knowing, that a mug, plate or bowl you hold was created not by machines but by a person, with care and passion.

Thanks for stopping by and supporting small businesses!