Untiltled (Video Installation)

Tiles by William Kentridge, in The SurreyNew York, NY

Tiles by William Kentridge seen at The Surrey, New York - Untiltled (Video Installation)

Untiltled (Video Installation)

There is an inspiring video installation at The Surrey. Created by South African Artist, William Kentridge, this artwork fits perfectly with the theme of the hotel as it has an old-meets-new aesthetic, with the abstract, figurative painting in the antique book transforming it into a modern video piece. William is best known for his animated films, which are constructed by filming a drawing, making erasures and changes, and filming it again.

Meet the Creator

"“In his drawings and animations, William Kentridge articulates the concerns of post-Apartheid South Africa with unparalleled nuance and lyricism. In the inventive process by which he created his best-known works, Kentridge draws and erases with charcoal, recording his compositions at each state. He then displays a video projection of the looped images alongside their highly worked and re-worked source drawings. In this way, his process and aesthetic concerns are inextricably linked with the narrative power of his work, as in his “Nine Drawings for Projection” series (1989-2003), which depicts two fictional white South Africans navigating the ambiguities of contemporary South Africa. With his highly personal and often quiet works in seeming tension with the brutality of his content, Kentridge expresses a profound ambivalence about his native country.”
South African, b. 1955, Johannesburg, South Africa""

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