Omaha Kinship Cement Tile
Tiles by Eskayel seen at Private Residence, Los Angeles - Omaha Kinship Cement Tile
Image credit: Ace Misiunas
Private Residence, Los Angeles, CA
Beautiful bathroom with Omaha kinship cement tiles in lake - made in collaboration with Cle Tile from our classic wallpaper pattern in this project by Natalie Meyers PRICING $23.75 per SF ($ 263.90 per bundle / $ 11.00 per tile) PRODUCT DESCRIPTION ESKAYEL - OMAHA KINSHIP 8"X8"X5/8" Eskayel’s cement tile line strikes a balance between fluidity and a hard surface, creating a calming juxtaposition. Brooklyn-based artist Shanan Campanaro designs abstract kaleidoscopic textiles and wallcoverings. Her process usually starts with hand-painting, inspired by her travels and nature, followed by digital manipulations that morph into patterns. In this collection, eight of Eskayel's most popular designs have been interpreted for tile with each pattern made up of two or more pieces that create a complex yet meditative arrangement. "This pattern is made from a sketch I made in a sketch book in art school - which I found much later while I was working on the Kwoma collection of patterns. The Kwoma collection of patterns is inspired by the shield artwork of the Kwoma tribe in Papua. the shields decorate the ceilings of royal or significant structures in their villages. The Omaha Kinship is the way heritage and lineage is measured by the tribe and I like to think of each dot as an individual part of a large lineage." Shanan Campanaro

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