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Tableware by Hamish Jackson Pottery seen at Private Residence, Chapel Hill - Teabowl


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This teabowl went into the kiln glazed only on the inside with a shino glaze.

The outside was purely kiln magic. Wood ash and flashing. The porcelain body I used flashed this beautiful peach color, especially around where the wadding was. It was fired on its side and you can see how the wood ash melted around the pot. I think this movement gives the pot a lot of energy.

It was pinched and carved in the way that I saw the Raku family approaching teabowls at their museum in Kyoto. Each teabowl I make is worked on slowly, individually, and many do not make the cut. I only fire my favorites and only put a fraction of those up for sale. This is not production pottery, they are a labour of love. The foot was carved with a piece of bamboo and I tried to keep a freshness to this process.

I am no stickler. Peach season has begun in North Carolina. If you want to have sliced peaches and ice cream in this bowl, I would not blame you!

Size: 4.5” wide, 3.5” tall.


Also, it’s worth noting that all of my pots are oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Any further questions about this pot or for anything else, please email me through the contact page. If you like something that is sold out I can make you one similar. I also do commissions and orders for special occasions!

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Hamish Jackson Pottery

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Wood Fired Pottery made with Wild Clays and Glaze Materials

I am investigating the use of all kind of rocks to use as glazes for my pots. Clay is of utmost importance to me, then form, and then the surface of the pot.

I've got a handle on the first 2 but working to innovate the third! I am most active on Instagram.

I am a potter from England, trained as an apprentice under Mark Hewitt in North Carolina and now an MFA Candidate at Utah State University.