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Don’t they say that vertical stripes make you look skinnier?

This jar is actually quite voluminous, with a capacity for over a 5lb bag of flour or coffee beans or whatever you’d like to store in it. I have several of these in my kitchen and love using them. I keep my bread grains in them.

The jar was fired in Curry Wilkinson’s wood/salt kiln in Alamance County, NC. I am particularly into how this slip came out with my adjusted clay body. This slip is magic. In some kilns and atmosphere it can be dark brown, sometimes chestnut brown, sometimes orange or peach, but I’ve never got it yellow until now. You can see some points where the slip blushed orange in spots too. I applied the slip thickly and wiped through it with a soft rib tool.

The clay body I made for this firing had a higher percentage of Mitchfield clay in it this time as I know how well this clay takes salt firing. I think the combination of this clay and the more oxidized atmosphere of the kiln were key to these results. I am going to try to recreate them in the Pottery Center’s groundhog kiln.


Each pot I make is handmade and unique. You won’t find another one like it. I usually make shapes in batches, so maybe I will make 10 teapots in a run. Whilst the pots in this batch will be similar, I decorate them all in different ways: each one will have its own idiosyncrasies and its own charm.

Also, it’s worth noting that all of my pots are oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Any further questions about this pot or for anything else, please email me through the contact page. I also do commissions and orders for special occasions!


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Wood Fired Pottery made with Wild Clays and Glaze Materials

I am investigating the use of all kind of rocks to use as glazes for my pots. Clay is of utmost importance to me, then form, and then the surface of the pot.

I've got a handle on the first 2 but working to innovate the third! I am most active on Instagram.

I am a potter from England, trained as an apprentice under Mark Hewitt in North Carolina and now an MFA Candidate at Utah State University.