Sgraffito ceramics

Tableware by Anna Bowie Ceramics seen at Private Residence, Newcastle - Sgraffito ceramics
Private Residence, Newcastle, Australia
I love the technique of sgraffito. It is time consuming, but rewarding. It involves painting 2-3 even layers of underglaze then carve into it to reveal the clay. Some people refer to this design of mine as leaves or seeds.

Meet the Creator

"I enjoy everything about pottery – from the tactile nature of clay and the therapeutic process of hand-building and throwing on the wheel, to the complexities of decorating and glazing. Regularly alternating between hand-building and throwing on the wheel, I have a loose idea of what I intend to make – letting the clay and the process guide me. Often the shape of the piece dictates what kind of decoration I will use. The mugs, vases, bowls and planters I make are carved and decorated with black or blue underglaze to create an original design. These intricate and repetitive patterns have been inspired by embroidery and textiles from my childhood. I truly hope my pots will bring as much joy to people’s lives as they did for me while I had the pleasure of making them."

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