STACKED Cocktail Table, Round
Tables by Richard Haining seen at Artist Studio, Brooklyn - STACKED Cocktail Table, Round
Artist Studio, Brooklyn, NY
This hand built table was made using reclaimed mahogany and sappelle. STACKED piece by piece, layer by layer, all the while controlling the wall thickness as well as the profile. The wood was salvaged from a variety of places, including some from a sinker log from the Amazon River, some from an outdoor patio deck from Eastern Long Island NY, and quite a bit was sourced from a handful of local Brooklyn wood shops. The wood’s natural coloring shows off warm tones ranging from red and maroon to light and mid brown tones, with some paler colors interspersed. There is no stain involved. There is no stain involved. The one of a kind pattern created by the assemblage of wood shards achieves a quality reminiscent of mosaic tile work, basketry, and pottery. Once complete, the exterior surface was gently sculpted smooth using a variety of hand held tools; while the interior was left unshaped accentuating the terraced contours. The final result is a finely honed finish with slight undulations, similar to that of hand-built ceramics.

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