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John Makepeace
Tables by John Makepeace seen at Banque de Luxembourg, Luxembourg - Boardroom Furniture

Boardroom Furniture

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John Makepeace was commissioned to make the boardroom furniture for the Banquet du Luxembourg. As the room would be used for all-day meetings the directors, the comfort of the chairs was really important and the table needed to accommodate twenty-six people. The shape of the room suggested that the table would need to be made in the form of a ring at approximately 8M (26’4”) long and 5M(16’5”) wide. English cherrywood is a marvelous timber for chairs and as the structural timber for the table with magnificent burr elm veneers for the main areas of the table top. A contrasting inlay of 5,000 year old black bog oak is inlayed around the burr elm. Made in sections, each had two legs. The top was made like an aircraft wing, deep towards the rear edge and slender at the sitting edge. This gave the rigidity required for the legs to connect at the deepest point so the cantilevered support of the top enhanced its impression of floating.

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John Makepeace
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