Tables by Brandon Gore seen at Arlo SoHo, New York - Custom High Communal Tables

Custom High Communal Tables

Brandon Gore had always hoped to bring back classic American craftsmanship. Through his hardwork and dedication, this passionate individual created handcrafted custom sinks and countertops which brought him awards and recognition. He also created these custom high communal tables that bring elegance to the dining area of Arlo SoHo.

Meet the Creator

"Craft in the U.S. nearly disappeared after the Industrial Revolution, but Brandon Gore wants to change that. Since learning from his grandfather that you could fix or build anything with your own two hands, Brandon has made it his mission to bring back classic American craftsmanship.
Brandon Gore was born in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, where he spent summers getting his hands dirty on the family farm. This “do it yourself” lifestyle served him well when he left home at the age of 17 and supported himself by working in hospitality. After quickly rising through the ranks to Director of Sales for a major hotel chain, Brandon realized he loved the taste of success but was already getting tired of corporate monotony. Even back then, the craft was calling.

When he moved to Phoenix, Arizona, in 2000, a moment on the mountain bike trail changed everything. He saw a home under construction along the trail, but it wasn’t just any cookie cutter house. It was by famed local architect Eddie Jones and was built using rammed earth and sustainable finishes, like concrete sinks and countertops. In an instant, Brandon just knew: this is what he was meant to do. This pivotal moment sparked a change that would take him from corporate cog to award-winning craftsman.

In 2004, Brandon started Gore Design Co. and set his sights on creating the finest handcrafted concrete sinks and countertops in the world. Since then, he has invested more than 35,000 hours in becoming a master of high-end concrete. His passion has led to the creation of Hard Goods, the launch of Conservatory of Craft, several industry awards, and his TV debut as a judge on Spike TV’s Framework."

Available for commission/custom work