Street Murals by Roshni's Art seen at York Street, Toronto - Birth of Sound
Street Murals by Roshni's Art seen at York Street, Toronto - Birth of Sound
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Item Birth of Sound
Created by Roshni's Art
As seen in York Street, Toronto, Canada

Birth of Sound

Street Murals by Roshni's Art, as seen in York Street, Toronto, Canada

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One of the 6 commission traffic control box work by Roshni's wrapped in vinyl at Richmond and York in Toronto. Downtown dwellers co-exist with an abundance of wildlife in the financial district, on the streets and trees, in roofs and even parking garages. BIRTH OF SOUND depicts the infamous blackbirds of Toronto that can be heard singing first thing in the morning, starting all the sounds in the early morning before traffic and humans start to build up noise in the area.

Meet the Creator

Roshni's Art

Toronto, Canada

Roshni Wijayasinha is a vibrant emerging Toronto visual artist who specializes in large, abstract paintings that are inspired by nature and movement. Using acrylic and mixed media, she experiments with light, colours, textures and finishes and the majority of her pieces can be transformed under a black light (paired perfectly with Philips Hue lights).

As an early art student, she studied under a Master painter from China who held weekly private lessons with her for over 5 years and taught her not only the technical basics but also "how to see". Roshni continued her arts education through a concurrent program Arts York, which she graduated in 2001 but took a break from painting to pursue her education. She has now returned with even more passion and is in full creation mode.

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