Spectrum of Pride
Street Murals by Ricky Watts seen at 10 Krog Street Northeast, Atlanta, GA, Atlanta - Spectrum of Pride
Painted in July, 2015 for the inaugural Outer Space Mural Festival. Approx. 65’ x 18’ - painted w/ aerosol spray-paint. From the artist: ““My original concept for this mural was based on the ““color spectrum”” or ““color wheel””. It was never intended to be a ““rainbow”” but a interesting event happened while I was working on the wall. About three days in, the U.S. Supreme Court legalized gay marriage and I quickly found myself in a predicament. People started stopping by the wall, cheering, honking, expressing what a great symbol of pride the mural was. At first I was adamant in explaining that the mural was based on the color wheel and not a gay pride mural but realized after a few failed attempts that it didn’t matter. The whole thing was far greater than I, and people were going to view it as they saw fit. So shut my mouth, embraced what was happening and finished my project. The mural has become a symbol of pride throughout Old Fourth Ward and Northeast Atlanta and I think that’s pretty damn cool””.

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