Street Murals by Nyla Lee seen at New School for the Arts & Academics, Tempe - Sista sista
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Created by Nyla Lee
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Nyla Lee's finished mural at New School for the Arts & Academics in Tempe, AZ.

Meet the Creator

Nyla Lee

Phoenix, AZ

Neon Portraits

Nyla Lee grew up in Las Vegas where her love for art began and developed into what is now colorful energetic paintings. She has learned under a number of teachers and artists through the years but has mostly taught herself with nonstop dedication to her craft. The last 3 years Nyla has resided in phoenix. Az where she discovered her love for Public art. Nyla is known in phoenix for creating powerful neon murals that portray portraits of individuals that convey meanings of Strength, courage, and individuality. Nyla strives to continue her journey as a public artist to create unique atmospheres in urban settings to even an ordinary office space or home.

Available for commission/custom work