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Created and Sold by Murmure Street

Murmure Street

Sniper - Street Murals

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France, a country of human rights, is the third largest arms supplier in the world. It is the biggest consumer of tear gas and Flashball grenades. Violence is omnipresent during demonstrations, for the maintenance of order.
This is David’s constant fight against Goliath.
This work depicting a soldier threatening a flirty Minion, represents the conflict between love and war. Hitting on the soldier, the minion seems to ignore in his stupidity the danger represented by the gun pointed at him. But this stupidity, would it not be intelligence ?

Item Sniper
Created by Murmure Street
As seen in Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Murmure Street
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2019
Murmure Street is a French street artist duo composed of Paul Ressencourt and Simon Roche.
Both graduates of Fine Arts schools, they intervene in the streets since 2010, covering the walls of our cities with drawn characters, ephemeral exhibitions and murals.
The main focus of Murmure Street is to create playful, dreamlike and poetical artworks interacting with the urban environment they are set in. Although there is always a message when created by the artists, everyone is free to interpret Murmure’s work as they wish.
Depending on the nature of the project Murmure Street is involved in, they will use different techniques ranging from free hand painting, drawing, stencil (mostly for shadows) and paste-up. Combined with acrylic, spray paint and black chalk, Murmure Street aims for an hyper realistic rendering mixed with surrealism making their graphic signature unique.