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Created and Sold by Mensah Bey

Mensah Bey
Norfolk Art District Mural | Street Murals by Mensah Bey | Bob’s Gun Shop in Norfolk
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Norfolk Art District Mural - Street Murals

Featured In Bob’s Gun Shop, Norfolk, VA

Ajent of NEON mural that was located in Norfolk's NEON Arts District from 2017-2019 as a two year rotational project.

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Mensah Bey
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2019
I am, Mensah Bey, a native of Richmond, VA residing in San Diego, CA. As an illustrator, painter, and printmaker my works explores the digital realm as a commentary on contemporary society. My graphic, hard-edged style is reminiscent of the works of Aaron Douglass and Jacob Lawrence. My works often draw inspiration from the Surrealist movement that challenged our perceptions of truth and reality, viewing the virtual world as an evolutionary subconscious that bridges our imaginations with the physical world.