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This mural is about gentrification and the soaring rents that have driven the bohemian class from the city. Using the great white shark as a metaphor for the insatiable economic engine driving the city, this piece offers commentary on a blind, ever-consuming beast trailed by the ghosts of its conquests. The mural is located one block from the BART station, and many commuters walk past it on their way to work, offering an additional layer of poignancy to those caught in the struggle to stay in the city.

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Leon Loucheur

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"Leon Loucheur is a San Francisco based artist who specializes in murals and acrylic fine art painting. Leon’s compositions are visual allegories, populated by creatures of the wild in various phases of deconstruction and remix. The work combines elements of counterpoint, and touches on universal themes through the juxtaposition of two worlds: one wild, one manicured. It is the layering of these influences that form the core of Leon's work, the prose of imagery composed in a contemporary, proverbial narrative."