Street Murals by Ellen Coup, as seen in 170 Oriental Parade, Wellington, New Zealand

Street Murals by Ellen Coup seen at 170 Oriental Parade, Wellington - "Oriental Bay" Mural
Street Murals by Ellen Coup seen at 170 Oriental Parade, Wellington - "Oriental Bay" Mural
Image credit: Ellen Coup

"Oriental Bay" Mural

in170 Oriental Parade, Wellington, New Zealand
A painting on 150msq of retaining wall, between the road & the footpath, on Wellingtons waterfront. In the initial project, 2004, I designed and painted the 'environment' straight onto the concrete, while five other artists painted the first batch of plywood cutout animals which where bolted to the Mural. There where several more batches of cutouts added (I did contribute to one batch, I don't know the names of every contributor to this process). Before a collaborator & I refreshed the entire work, including removing, refreshing (where possible) the 50 cut-out animals, in 2014
All of these images are parts of the Mural, because of its proportions its almost impossible to photograph whole.
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Meet the Creator

I’ve been making Art my whole life & painting murals in the Wellington region since 2000.
With over over 40 separate projects in my folio, Indoor & Outdoor, Public & Private, Large & Small.
My Mural practice has several ‘Streams’, Facilitating the art of others, Commercial decor art & Custom brush painted Artworks. Including many distinctive Public Murals in Wellington, signage, hand painted wallpaper & two Greek gods.
While I don’t quite relate to the term “Street Artist”, I’m definitely an Artist from the street and that’s often been my work site.

I have a particular interest in landscape and the juxtaposition of natural forms and human-made objects, scale and making the viewer look in many direction at once. Much of my work is representational, or stylised realism but I can show examples of abstract design also.

Through the mural work I’ve become something of a ‘commission specialist’, I also offer this service for works on canvas in either Acrylic or Oil.
I enjoy interpreting the commissioning parties aspirations for their surface, communicating with drawings & arriving at something unique.
In my experience there is a design solution for every project, an Optimal balance between the constraints and expectations of that particular situation.

Available for commission/custom work

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