Street Murals by Cecilia Paints seen at Akumal, Akumal - Guardián de la jungla (Jungle Guardian)
Street Murals by Cecilia Paints seen at Akumal, Akumal - Guardián de la jungla (Jungle Guardian)
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Item Guardián de la jungla (Jungle Guardian)
Created by Cecilia Paints
As seen in Akumal, Akumal, Mexico

Guardián de la jungla (Jungle Guardian)

Street Murals by Cecilia Paints, as seen in Akumal, Akumal, Mexico

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This mural was done for the Akumal Arts Festival in November 2019 at the secondary school in Akumal, Mexico. This was the second mural Cecilia has painted for this mural festival that is located in the Caribbean part of Mexico. Cecilia's mural design was influenced and inspired by the first jungle adventure she had back in 2018. She was also inspired by the rich history of Mayan land and culture in Akumal. The portrait in the middle is of a mayan goddess who represents the guardian of the jungle. Her jaguars at her sides represent strength and the embodiment of the jungle. The mayans worshiped jaguars as the rulers of the underworld, night and day. This was Cecilia's first school mural and she can't wait to bring more art to other schools around the globe!

Meet the Creator

Cecilia Paints

Cecilia Paints

Los Angeles, CA

Cecilia Romero creates vibrant, colorful works that instantly uplift and beautify!

Cecilia Romero is a passionate artist and muralist who grew up in the city of Los Angles, specifically Silverlake and Echo Park. She started exploring drawing and painting at an early age, as her parents were strong supporters of the arts. Her childhood was filled with art classes, music, theatre and dance. As Cecilia grew, her artistic expression and skill grew with her.

In her teenage years, Cecilia became attracted to and passionate about portraiture. She feel in love with drawling dramatic portraits; human and animal. At 20 years old there was a huge turning point for her artistic development when she was offered her first wall. It pushed her imagination to the next level. It nurtured her creative vision and was a catalyst in her artistic journey. She naturally gravitated towards the use of a vibrant color pallet and soon discovered and developed her signature style.

Cecilia has been painting murals for 8 years now and aspires to paint all around the world. She has many murals in Southern California and Los Angeles. In 2018 she made her international debut when she painted a mural for Akumal Arts Festival in the Caribbean. Recently in November 2019, she was invited back to Akumal, Mexico and painted another mural for the Akumal Arts Festival at a local school. Cecilia focuses on uplifting communities through public art while spreading beautiful colorful portraits of people and animals. She hopes that the vibrancy of her colorful art can help to uplift, inspire and open up peoples hearts. Cecilia truly believes in the healing impact of art, both on the individual level as well as the collective consciousness within the community.

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