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Created and Sold by Britt Ford

Britt Ford
McGinley Square Mural | Street Murals by Britt Ford
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McGinley Square Mural | Street Murals by Britt Ford
McGinley Square Mural | Street Murals by Britt Ford
McGinley Square Mural | Street Murals by Britt Ford
McGinley Square Mural | Street Murals by Britt Ford

McGinley Square Mural - Street Murals

Featured In Jersey City, NJ

Price from $2,500 to $10,000

Creation: 2-4 weeks

McGinley Square mural completed in 2019 in Jersey City, NJ. This mural was commissioned by the city of Jersey City.

Item McGinley Square Mural
Created by Britt Ford
As seen in McGinley Square, Jersey City, NJ
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Britt Ford
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2021
Thermographic Embossed Artwork

Britt Ford is a Tampa, FL based 30-year-old multi discipline self-taught artist from Hoboken, New Jersey.

Since 2015, Britt has been mastering her method of thermographic embossed artwork. Britt started making thermographic embossed maps and illustrations because she was tired of seeing the mass produced, 2D artwork in stores.

Thermographic embossing is a rare medium and Britt fell in love with the process early on. It starts with the glue pen and embossing powder. Britt then takes a fine brush and moves the embossing powder to create clean lines. The final step of using the heat gun is her favorite part. When the heat hits the glue and powder it all melts together and creates a one of a kind piece every time.

Britt’s relationship with the glue and embossing powder melting together brings her senses in line and provide tranquility and peace. The uncertainty of how the melting of two materials will result really encapsulates how unique the process is.

Britt has created thousands of personalized unique treasures for clients. Britt has displayed her work at Britt Ford Pop Up, The Showcase and New Works shows and continues to display her work in group shows today.

In 2016, Britt was commissioned to paint her first large scale mural for a private client in Hoboken’s historical Neumann Leather Factory. Britt has gone on to paint vivid retro style murals for the city of Jersey City, private clients in New York City and Southern Florida.

Originally, Hoboken’s rich history was the basis of Britt’s inspiration, but Florida has provided Britt with so much growth and exploration. Inspired by her surroundings, Britt wanted to incorporate what she loved, into larger spatial surroundings. Tampa helped push Britt’s artwork to be more bright, exuberant and fun. Britt loves working with rich colors and has really embraced the culture and pace of Florida.

Utilizing thermographic embossing like no other has done before, Britt is pioneering the next step through a new method. Britt’s art starts from her desire to show others what she has uncovered and finds truly beautiful and create an irreplaceable masterpiece. Britt believes that art adds beauty and hope to the world.

Britt specializes in thermographic embossed paintings and large-scale hand painted murals.