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Virginia Fleck
Sculptures by Virginia Fleck seen at University Hospital - University Health System, San Antonio - Enchanted Vine

Enchanted Vine

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Enchanted Vine was commissioned by the Olana Group LLC, for the Salud Arte program of design enhancements created for University Health System in San Antonio, TX, and is designed to be playful and engaging for pediatric patients and their families. Enchanted Vine consists of 24 die-cut, laminated prints flush mounted to a 25 ft wall across from the open concept family waiting area. The brightly-colored imagery on each print is derived from artwork made from recycled plastic bags and wrappers. The resulting artworks reveal the hidden beauty of the overlooked, disposable materials that continually pass through our hands. Color, light and pattern are employed in ways that engage the viewer and energize the space. The choice of everyday materials—the ubiquitous plastic bag—is a celebration and elevation of common things, inviting us to re-frame the ordinary and to see the potential for the extraordinary all around us. These die-cut, archival prints are flush mounted, touchable, permanently sealed and virtually unbreakable.

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Virginia Fleck

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Artist working with post-consumer materials