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Created and Sold by Stallman Studio

Stallman Studio
Daring to Love | Sculptures by Stallman Studio
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Daring to Love | Sculptures by Stallman Studio
Daring to Love | Sculptures by Stallman Studio

Daring to Love - Sculptures

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Daring to Love 48x60” sculpted canvas and acrylic by Stallman Studio found a beautiful new home in Miami Beach.

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Item Daring to Love
Created by Stallman Studio
As seen in Private Residence, Miami Beach, FL
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Stallman Studio
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2018
Hallman and Stum, a Pacific Northwest based artist duo, merge talent and vision to create multifaceted sculpture. They find inspiration from patterns and gradients in the natural world. The duo merged their names Stum and Hallman to create Stallman. While creating, one acts as the right side of the brain and the other the left. This union dissolves the boundaries of what is possible turning the ordinary into extraordinary.

Canvas on Edge – Stallman is pioneering a new technique using paint and canvas as sculpture, naming this body of work Canvas on Edge. They are taking canvas and paint and giving it a creative edge. Now the canvas has the leading role, creating form, highlight and movement.

The cut edge of the canvas creates an elevated line drawing and when seen at an angle, fields of color emerge as your perspective to the piece changes. Each length of painted canvas is bonded to itself and to the background creating a rigid structure within the frame. The hue of the painted canvas reflects on the background creating a spectrum of color. By using reflecting light, pigment and structure they can multiply the hues and tones within each sculpture.

Excavated Paintings – The paintings are layered one on top of the other, building up a timeline of acrylic geology. The landscape is then excavated and carved revealing colors and textures within each of the layers to create a vision of past and present.