Sculptures by Sabina Hill seen at Skwachàys Lodge, Vancouver - Frog Triptych Headboard
Sculptures by Sabina Hill seen at Skwachàys Lodge, Vancouver - Frog Triptych Headboard
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Item Frog Triptych Headboard
Created by Sabina Hill
Interior Design by Sabina Hill

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Sabina teamed up with two of Vancouver's top interior design firms, MCM Interiors and Inside Design Studio, as well as her longtime artistic collaborator, Tlingit artist Mark Preston, to transform four of the 18 rooms. Sabina combined Preston's elegant form line motifs with her contemporary design aesthetic to create original artworks that celebrate both traditional First Nations artistry and modern interpretation. Frog Triptych headboard - This illuminated triptych and walnut headboard pays tribute to the Frog. The frog motifs are set within a white plexiglass light-box. When illuminated, the installation emits a soft light that is calming and restful for weary travelers. Revered for its ability to live both in water and on land, the Frog is considered a spirit helper, traversing the natural and supernatural worlds. Here, the Frog aids guests in their transition from waking to dreaming.

Meet the Creator

Sabina Hill

Madeira Park, Canada

Canadian artist and designer, Sabina Hill, merges the rich mythology of the Pacific Northwest Coast with a contemporary aesthetic in commissioned and limited edition furniture, artwork, and designed environments.

Hill draws creative inspiration from the natural world and the influence of First Nations people who have been bringing the spirit of the land to surface through art for thousands of years. Descended from four generations of Pacific Coast Canadians, and living between the forest and the sea, Hill’s work tells a visual story born from her sense of place. Her creations are presented through unique material combinations and leading edge technologies, with an aesthetic informed by Hill’s artistic and architectural background.

Her collaborative and solo work translates the visual language of the Pacific Coast into the laser cut clarity of museum-quality contemporary furniture and art installations.

Dr. George MacDonald, former president of the Bill Reid Foundation and current director of Simon Fraser University’s Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art, hails her work as “demonstrating the next phase in the development of Northwest Coast art and design.”

Hill's work is recognized nationally and internationally. It is in the permanent collections of the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada, and it has been commissioned by the Government of Canada for diplomatic premises abroad, including Canada House High Commission in London, England; the Canadian Joint Delegation to NATO in Brussels, Belgium; the new Canadian consulate in Guangzhou, China; and the Official Residence in Berlin, Germany. Hill has teamed up with Vancouver’s top interior design firms, as well as Tlingit artist, Mark Preston, to transform Canada’s first Aboriginal arts hotel, Skwachàys Lodge.

Hill graduated in architecture from the University of British Columbia and in environmental studies from the University of Manitoba. She completed her foundation year at Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

Sabina Hill lives and works in Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada, overseeing the construction of her home gallery and studio she designed.

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