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Peter Burke

Janus Head - Sculptures

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"Janus Head," which can be seen at the Cass Sculpture Foundation in Chichester, England, is a continuation of sculptor Peter Burke’s preoccupation with humanity and the space occupied by the human form.

Made from poured steel, Janus Head is imposing and tough, but with a delicately patterned finish. Burke has employed his hallmark engineering skills and fascination with mass–produced industrial materials into the fabrication process. After many years of using molds conventionally as negatives to be filled with materials, Burke became interested in the molds themselves and the curious relationship between the outside and inside of a mold.

Burke thus produced two identical casts, which he then placed together to allow one to view both outside and inside at the same time. The juxtaposition of two faces looking in opposing directions led the artist to title the work "Janus Head" after the Roman god Janus; the god of beginnings and endings and thus of transitions and time.

In effect, Janus has one face looking into the future and one to the past. Janus features heavily in ancient Roman architecture, typically found around doorways and entrances, and is considered one of the most important gods in the Roman pantheon.

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