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Matthew Dehaemers

ON the Map and OFF the Grid

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Matthew Dehaemers created “ON the Map and OFF the Grid"
(galvanized steel, heat strengthened-low iron-laminated glass, white plexiglass, full color graphics, LED linear fixtures; 2012) for the Missouri Department of Transportation in Kansas City.

He went for a lyrical movement in form, color and content that he hopes will engage the weary traveler as they recharge their bodies for the road ahead.

The foundation of the concept is laid down by the “patterned” background, which consists of numerous traditional quilt patterns. These patterns are not just reflective of windmills and gristmills but some of these patterns reflect themes related to the sun, stars and agriculture. Still yet other patterns reflect themes of the road and trails such as "Paths to Happiness," "Trail of Friendship" and "Road to Fortune."

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