Sculptures by Johnny Laderer seen at The Vine, New York - Banana Totem
Context & Credits
Item Banana Totem
Created by Johnny Laderer
Interior Design by CRÈME Design
Item Details
Custom banana totem by Johnny Laderer made from concrete and marble beautifully displayed in The Vine's shelves.

Meet the Creator

Johnny Laderer

Johnny Laderer

Miami, FL

A Florida-native, Johnny Laderer's work focuses on the clash between tropical flora and fauna, and urban developments in South Florida. Picture a tree effortlessly growing out of a crack in the concrete of the connecting highways of I95, this frontier between progress and decay is where Laderer's work lives. He appropriates iconic Florida elements such as Deco style, citrus colors, and palm textures, and meshes them into an iconography that better represents Florida than any "wish you were here" postcard.

Laderer is also the guy behind the Miami-based lifestyle brand Algae, that’s “a” before “e”. Reflective of its name, Algae carries the seafoam and sunset palette of the Florida Keys in its limited edition artist series of locally manufactured beach wear.

Available for commission/custom work